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Let's All Laugh At Liverpool - 13 to 1

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The more I think about it, the funnier it is. In the one season, where United lost Fergie In the one season, where half United's players had possibly their worst career seasons In the one season,

I knew who created this thread before seing it! ;) ahahaha.


I hope they mess it up tomorrow, and I hope they end up bottling it. 

That being said, they've played really well and Brendan Rodgers has done a great job.


Hoping Norwich beats them tomorrow.

Fuck this scum.

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So wrong to make the thread so soon, to make it at all and to make it on a United forum too (!).

Close thread, ban OP for 5 minutes to reflect and repent......

Edit: An embarrassment. I am sure our rival fans would have done likewise for us in their forums...

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They'll get no congratulations from me. . . Fuck those horrible cunts.

nor from me,but they'll not slip up,could still see them dropping points,but they'll beat Chelsea,i'm just as annoyed that it was Sunderland who beat Chelsea,i want those fuckers down.

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Now down lads. They deserve it.

But hopefully this works a jinx and they slip up today.

I remember when they were top on Christmas Day, then shot down to like 3rd of 4th. We were all in a happy place when that occured, but now, NOW they've fucking risen again, and it'll take a huge fuck up for them to not win the title now. :(

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I'm not congratulating them for anything, but they've been excellent this season, and I didn't see it coming. Our only hope now is that City can do to them what they did to us in 2012 by snatching it at the last, which is itself an awful consolation. If Liverpool do it, I will need one of those 'the end of the world is nigh' sandwich boards. United must return next season with a bang.

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Mind games? A lot of inexperienced liverpool players to fall for it and think it'll be an easy game?

Wouldn't be surprised.

One thing about Mourinho I noticed is he is either relentless on his now-stale mind games (because everybody is up for it by now) or busy buying insurance (like they are not ready yet to launch a serious challenge). Win-win for him but a bore to me.

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The thread title is maybe tongue in cheek from Abo but sorry I can't congratulate them.

I appreciate good football and to be honest they have, especially since the turn of the year, turned it on.

Thing is there is genuine rivalry and it works both ways, I don't know what the scousers forums are called perhaps "Scum Talk" but I'm certain that there would not have been a Congratulations Manchester United thread in those forums when we were relentlessly winning year after year after year.

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