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    • By Burns92
      It's on YouTube premium.
      Anyone watching this? Surprised to see no thread so far. If you are a fan of the original Karate Kid then this show is must watch.
      The quality of writing is a thing of beauty. Season 2 was a bit meh compared 1 but still great.
    • By dualtamac
      These violent delights have violent ends.
      What door?
      I thought it was high time that we had a thread for this wonderful tv show, especially so that we can talk about the themes evoked during the series and anything else Westworld related.
      To begin with, I noticed @TFIA and @O talking about plotholes in another thread so I decided to talk about that here and not in the other thread....
      The "plothole" about Arnold/Bernard that TFIA brought up was adressed during the season and more or less at the beginning as well...Logan and William are talking about the park and Logan says that he wants the family (Delos) to invest in the park. During this discussion Logan talks about the mysterious partner that Ford had that no-one knows anything about and this is even after they hire investigators to delve into Arnold.
      And the Arnold-Ford storyline that leads to Arnold's death is clearly before the park even opens, before Delos invest so it is logical that no-one knows what Arnold looks like so therefore they cannot know that Bernard is based on Arnold.
    • By dualtamac
      End of the year so as always a time for your end-of-year lists.
      2016 was a great year for tv shows so what makes your list?
      I'll add mine later on today.
    • By Cole
      I'll start this off.
    • By Burns92
      Best thing on TV right now. This show has filled the void left by Person of Interest for me.
      If you love Breaking Bad then you should be watching this right away. The meticulous attention to detail is on par, if not better than BrBa.
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