Your favourite movie/tv scene(s) of all time?

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Dead wan walking

Dead mans shoes


Schindlers list

Sean Penn and Susan sarondan as a nun and a murderer

Paddy considine.... Best film ever after schindlers

Gladiator. The final fight between maximus and the cunt emporor

Schindlers List. Nothing will ever touch this for impact.

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Unfortunately I can't find a suitable video, but the scenes with "Gary" in only fools and Horses will forever live long in the memory.



The chandelier episode

The blow up dolls

The luminescent paint

The driscolls and the mobile phone aerial

The dead budgie

it goes on and on

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You kind of knew what was coming but thought not even Frank could be that much of a ghoul

Oh yes he could

The scene where him and his wife fuck the secret service guy was a jaw dropper as well

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John Thaw and Kevin Whateley and A.E. Houseman


Acting at its finest. George Smiley (Alec Guinness) and Toby Esterhase (Bernard Hepton) from Smiley's People.

Tears in Rain from Blade Runner


I hate the BBC for this ending. Blake, Avon, Soolin, Vila, Dayna, and Tarrant all get killed. Maybe...


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