Your favourite movie/tv scene(s) of all time?

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Underrated Paul Walker mob movie, Running Scared (2005). Loved the shots and sharp editing in this. Its a sound design guy's dream



Another one of my favorites, Ray (2005) this scene Ray Charles realises his backup singers are flat (Ray is high himself) and chases them away. He proceeds to do the backup vocals himself. Classic


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Blackadder ending, genius


From Matt Smith's first episode as the Doctor, funny stuff

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Red Dwarf Quarantine - I have a medium sized fire axe buried inside my spinal column...


Untouchables - Did he sound anything like THAT?


Crocodile Dundee - That's not a knife


The Matrix - Lobby Shootout


The Crow - Is that Gasoline I smell?

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T-2 Cyberdyne Systems police shootout.


Monty Python - Bridge of Death


Monty Python - Oh it's just a wee bunny, isn't it!


V For Vendetta - V's introduction


V For Vendetta - My turn.

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      These violent delights have violent ends.
      What door?
      I thought it was high time that we had a thread for this wonderful tv show, especially so that we can talk about the themes evoked during the series and anything else Westworld related.
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