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2022/2023: PL MD26 - Man Utd v Southampton

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Game was ruined by the referee. Why is it they always want to be the star of the show? Ten Hag should complain. This arsehole Taylor has got form.

United still have to play both Spurs and Newcastle away, so yeah. A bit of work to do. Liverpool slipping up was important.

Been saying for a while we could well hit a rough patch and top four is far from secure given how paper thin we are at certain positions 

Should win this comfortably.....but if Liverpool could put 7 past us, then playing against the worst defence in the premiership should have managed 8 or 9 but the super Liverpool attack couldn't manage one, and Salah's penalty miss was the biggest laugh today!

Shows that they really busted a gut in their cup final against us!

A treat tomorrow, Man U ladies against Chelsea as a warm up, then the Men!


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Southampton looking dangerous. We haven't got the crisp passing going yet.

Don't understand why Sancho preferred to Garnacho or Pellistri? Amazing to think he was so good in Germany and has been so poor playing here.

Rashford better first touch certain goal.

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Good save from De Gea. Looked a certain goal.

4 corners on the trot for Southampton....totally penned in. 

Southampton winger dribbling past Sancho and Antony is if they weren't there.

If we don't step up a gear or two, Southampton are going to score soon.


Weghorst perfect pass to their keeper, anywhere else its a goal.

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What's the explanation for not awarding a penalty there?

That's an easy one to give, it hits the players hand inside the box, the player moves his body towards the ball & stops it from getting to the opposition player. I mean, it ticks all the fucking boxes.

We've been fucking shite anyway, these players need a wake up call to get going. So sloppy in possession for a lot of that first half. It seems to take is going a goal behind or in today's case, a man down, before we get fired up for this game.

That Southampton starting XI is average enough - they wouldn't get a sniff at City, Arsenal or Liverpool. It frustrates the hell out of me why we don't go for the kill at these kind of teams right from the first whistle. We need to be more ruthless.

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45 very important minutes for us. Still think we can win this if we get Sancho off and a pacy winger on. Play Fernandes as his usual number 10 position. We can score on the break if we make the right passes. 

Casemiro might benefit from a break, he's been looking tired of late. What's up with Sabitzer, is he injured? 

Fred and Garnacho, or Pellistri for more energy.

Got decisions right in first half.....Bullshit, certain penalty.

Sancho and Antony don't even make one player combined.

Please get Sancho off the fucking pitch. Weghorst might not score often but he chases and harries.

United seem to have realised they only have ten men and have started bottling it.

Fernandes should have cleared the ball, not pissed about with it.

Keep giving Prowse three kicks and he'll score.

Sancho is a waste of money.

Get him off and Garnacho on.

What the fuck is Fernandes doing.

Good cross from Shaw....lol

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