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Rashford's future

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The PSG interest is genuine. They've wanted him for awhile.

But it seems to be just a case of Rashford's entourage (his brothers) are using it as leverage to get him a new contract.

Rashford is currently on 200k a week. Instead of cashing in, we'll offer him 300k a week.

I'd cash in now while we still can. He might never be the player he once was.

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someone tell him there are hungry kids in France. maybe that will get him to push for PSG. 

but in seriousness it's completely obvious this is for singing improved contract to become one the highest paid players in the club/league/world. fucking trash.

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i don't if true or just clickbait but if PSG are willing to pay 60 then Murtough should kiss his highness Nasser Al-Khelaifi's ass cheeks. who in their right mind would pay 60 for a player in his last contract year and hideously out of form?

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Should've cashed in, if PSG were willing to spend the reported fee.

His ability and performances on the pitch don't matter to the people in power anymore. It's fucked up how this club works now, but after Ronaldo, Rashford is the most valuable player commercially for the club. 


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20 hours ago, Deez Nutz said:

Could we not seek a swap, surely they've got someone we could use.

Mbappe. PSG wouldn't be that stupid and Mbappe, who turned down a move to Real, wouldn't want to come here. I think he'll go to Madrid when Benzema calls it a day there.

20 hours ago, 1Day said:

Utd are still compiling a list of what they need,let them get De jong first😂

De Jong? Not a chance. We've been led up the garden path with De Jong all summer. We're supposed to have signed Rabiot but he's still in Turin. No footballer of any repute wants to sign for us. I'm surprised Eriksen gave us the nod over Brentford.

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