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2022/2023: PL MD1 - Man Utd v Brighton

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I keep reading that Rashford is short on confidence. he's not. He's reached his level. Take away the pace, and he's very average. Defenders have him sussed and even if they're beaten, they know he can

I’m laughing so hard. What has this dutch fucker done to his career lmao.

Nothing like the first 45 minutes of the season to realise how much you enjoyed not watching Utd. Roll on Qatar.

1 hour ago, TFIA said:

@PVAD is this on Ralf?!?!


Rangnick continued to play McFred Magulof Elanga Shaw and Trashford having seen how shite they were. 

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

So yes I stand by criticism of him knowing what we all knew but still started with those wastemen.

With respect to ETH doing exactly the same thing going with that McFred midfield Maguire Shaw and Trasford he should have a head wobble as he had seen how shite they are yet started them. 

I'm guessing ETH, like any new manager  coming in, is starting with a clean slate BUT if he continues like this as did Rangnick then new manager or not he'd be guilty of that insanity quote above...and I'll be asking the same question of the manager.

We all know that these players are shit I mean proper shit but the manager makes that team selection he has that choice and if continues to make those choices he will be guilty of abandoning his philosophy because the cunts we have playing on that pitch will never be able to play his Ajax style...can't polish a turd.

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Realistically if the club were smart, we'd bin the idea of FDJ, and use our money to try sign a forward, 2 mids and a right back.

We dont need to keep going for these fuckin star players who always disappoint. Just find players that are better than Dalot, McTominay/Fred. How difficult could that be?

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