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2022/2023: PL MD1 - Man Utd v Brighton

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I keep reading that Rashford is short on confidence. he's not. He's reached his level. Take away the pace, and he's very average. Defenders have him sussed and even if they're beaten, they know he can

I’m laughing so hard. What has this dutch fucker done to his career lmao.

Nothing like the first 45 minutes of the season to realise how much you enjoyed not watching Utd. Roll on Qatar.

Despite ETH getting his press, over to the players and a bit more work rate out of them, there's still the crucial weakness in creation and finishing that unless addressed will bite us in the leg throughout this season. While City buy Haarland and Pool buy Nunnez, we are talking about a 19 y.o. prodigy Sesko. Yet he probably will go to Real Madrid. So we are left trying to get a 6 foot 7inch tall giant only costing around 17 million....we really are dredging the depths these days!

I think we may scrape 3 points against Brighton, but it won't be too long until the bubble gets well and truly burst, unless of course the tight wads in charge of transfers manage to sell some of the dross and buy some more quality players of the standards of Erikson before this window shuts!

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I don't know how much we can read into the last few friendlies. Neither game featured our starting xi. What it does illustrate is the lack of depth especially in midfield and attack. We are pinning hopes on players like garner, garnacho and iqbal none of whom should be more than 2nd or 3rd choice, but at the moment the first choice players like mctominay and rashford are not offering anything like the performances you'd expect from a first choice player. 

Surely at least one quality signing will be brought in by the end of the window but once more it's frustrating to see the lack of movement. Unwanted players are still at the club, ronaldo future is still unsure and we seem to be playing some kind of eternal waiting game for players like de jong or sesko. Perhaps patience is needed but it seems like a rince repeat of many summer transfer windows of the last 10 years.

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4 minutes ago, robbo777 said:

Mixed feelings about this game, excited for the start of the season but frustrated at the lack of transfer activity and have little confidence in the likely starting eleven.
Was hoping for bigger changes with the arrival of ETH, but not surprised with the way this club is run. I go for 1-1

Actually think we’ll win and we’ll all get carried away 🤣

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