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Premier League 22/23 Thread

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It's already over. Haaland tailor made for this league.

We fucked up so badly with Henderson. Absurd that we're still starting the most limited keeper in the league.  Gerrard is probably done at Villa and it's delightful. Their fans hate him. Just a d

He'll be at United. Guardiola will want him gone that bad.

3 minutes ago, O said:

He didn't even know what he was doing for the Salah goal. That was an attempt to control the ball.

It was an OG for his "goal" as well.

He's moving like Chicharito.


He’s always going to be a scrappy but effective player.

Changed the game. His movement and pressing are perfect for them.

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2 hours ago, TFIA said:

@hdcantona can we pin this thread and remove the older one?

Forest looking good. Expect West Ham will get something. We should have kept Henderson.

We really loaned our best keeper to a relegation rival.

Think I’ve done it


anyone still convinced ddg is significantly better than Henderson? @TheManc @JJtheRed?

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Also Chelsea's full backs yesterday were unbelievable.

Our club still hasn't grasped how essential they are in the modern game. Trotting out Shaw and Dalot is a disgrace when you look at what the top clubs have. Most of them have two full backs better than ours in each position. 

Why can we never find players like Cucurella before they breakout. Why do we never look at that profile of signing?

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Arteta has put together a really good, young squad at Arsenal. Jesus & Zinchenko were both quality additions this summer too.

I wouldn't say they're genuine title contenders yet, but they're certainly looking like a 'top 4' team at the moment. 

Just shows what a long-term project can do when the right structure & strategy is put in place.

Chelsea are buying for the future too, with some of their signings. Spurs have put a good squad together now. And obviously City & Liverpool are the 2 best teams in this league.

United really need to get their shit together and put a proper long-term plan in place. Otherwise, we're gonna fall so far behind all of the clubs mentioned above 

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