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Pre-Season MD5: Man Utd v Atlético Madrid

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On 24/07/2022 at 20:55, TheManc said:

Hoping we'll see Martinez, Eriksen and probably Garner play as well, to get a good look at him.

I'd rather Varane start but it seems like Maguire is first choice, so...

and we get none of the above 


Suspect Rashford is left not right, Sancho was unwell so not being risked - why no Martinez or Eriksen though? pretty gutted 

Guessing Shaw is hurt too since he's not even bench

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Improved tempo and intensity but not much created in a good physical contest. What we did create we wasted.
Can’t trust most of the first eleven out there, they will down tools when things get tough. Monumental task ahead for ETH and he isn’t getting much backing with transfers.

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United still so weak in attack. Felix such a classy player, far better than any of our forwards. Scored a goal from nothing. United better than last season, ( not that that takes much improvement), but still far away from a team that can be anywhere near challenging for the league.

Disappointed by the transfers that we've made so far. Desperate for a controlling, classy midfield player.....but like all the transfer window chasing Fabregas for nothing, substitute for DeJong and its the same.

If we buy another 3 players before the window closes, including a quality goalscorer, then we might get in the top four!

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Dreading this season.

Yes 3 signings but all 3 Malacia, Martinez and Eriksen all seem to bench players well at least for the first few months.

That basically means Ten Hag will start with the same, give or take, players that lost to Brighton 4 nil. Progress!

Of course I was not expecting massive things but every fucker and his dog could see we required 2 quality attacking midfielders and a class holding one. I'm sorry I don't count a 31 year old who is nearing the end of his career part of those midfielders we desperately need, also a class striker was required.

I'm not joking it makes me want to throw up seeing Magulof in the heart of our defence knowing just how atrocious both of them are having been given numerous chances..then there is McFuckingFred who again are not fit to wear the jersey.

To cap things off it looks like Ten Hag is going with Martial a player who was so out of form and basically gave up for United before going on loan and fucking Trashford  and Elanga as our attacking threat again both utterly shyte players. If someone tries to convince me Elanga is a long term prospect at the biggest club in the world you can get fucked he is desperately poor even for a youngster.

Someone please tell me those players will not be our main 1st Team players this season and that I'll wake up knowing this was as a just a bad nightmare.


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The way AM have been defending whilst Simeone has been here,not many teams get the better of them,but you have to take your chance against them,then you can win,Utd created quite a few chances,and should have scored at least two of them,but United will be a different team,when set up with Eriksen, Lisandro and Sancho,with an added bonus of Ronaldo (unless ?).

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