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2022/2023 What league position will we finish?

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1st now. ten Hag has to deliver.

Painkillers are strong in this one 🤣

Somewhere between the TOP 4 and the Bottom 4. I would be more glad to see a lot of decent performances ,some order at the pitch,dressing room ,a lot of efforts of the players and less noise. If t

On 24/07/2022 at 12:28, TheManc said:

5th atm, but there is still time so...

ETH will have his orders: 4th place or else. The squad isn't well balanced, the midfield is weak, we've got Martial back in the fold and Rashford. Sancho will be expected to start scoring and Eriksen will probably weigh in with a few, but we really are just a warmed over version of the team that started the 2021/22 season.

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We can fuck this season off already! the desperation in the transfer market stinks, we've got players that don't want be to be at the club, all these issues should be dealt with pre season, but no, our shower of a club do it during the season. 

FFS, why would any potential great prospect come here! We don't improve player's, they stagnate get frustrated and want to leave.

Roll on next season.

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11 hours ago, TFIA said:

We're not finishing top 10.

I legitimately think we'll be bottom three by the end of October unless our recruitment takes a drastically positive turn.

💯 most competitive prem league ever I’d say, I don’t see many (if any) worse teams - UTD look shot psychologically 

Don’t get adequate strong signings over the line to give the place a lift, a bottom half scrap is a very real possibility 

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"Football Bloody Hell"

Ferguson wasn't kidding was he with that immortal line. 

By Sunday the gap to Arsenal would have been 3 but is looking more like 11 an absolutely huge swing of 8 points. 

A title push has never been a true reality due to our squad depth and at least 3 outfield first team starters being sub-standard. Strange to say for a team that have won 9 on the bounce but look at that record in detail the circumstances and you'll get the picture.

Notwithstanding all that by Sunday even with those shortfalls referred to above we could have been 3 points behind which would have been simply incredible after that nightmare start.

The scenario above outlines that you have to be on it week week out high intensity high tempo and be intelligent in the Premiership.

The people who still regularly slate Ferguson should hang their heads in shame especially when talking about our Premiership record with him.

To have that perfect storm you need all the ingredients all of the time not just for a short period of time. Successful football teams sustain.

Ten Hag looks like he is taking this lot in the right direction and clearly improvements have been made but consistency, a huge problem with United this post Ferguson era, will be the key for this club.

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So we're now more than halfway through the league, making good progress in the domestic cups and 6 points clear of spurs (5th) or potentially only 5 ahead of Brighton if they win their game hand

While it's largely been helped by others (Liverpool and Chelsea especially) struggling, that's sort of balanced out by how well Arsenal and Newcastle are doing, and if you'd have offered me this position now when the window shut, I'd have bitten your hand off.

We're comfortably in the top 4 atm (hopefully we can ride out an inevitable dip in form, and stay in there by season's end) with some clear evidence of ETH's fingerprints from the training ground showing up on field, many players significantly improved, and most importantly a major improvement in the mentality of the players and the harmony of the squad, there's a real team spirit to the side and they're enjoying being teammates and it shows

There's a long way to go (almost the entire second half of the season) and people criticised our opponents being easy when we had our best run of form but 1) you can only play what's in front of you, 2) those games we blew often before and Arsenal are top of the league having only beaten one top four side... (us) and 3) the reason we had easier games was because we'd played all the harder ones (for the first half) already... 

Is there anyone on here who thinks we've been *below* expectations? right now I think we're well ahead of schedule and I just hope the ownership situation is sorted quick enough to allow us to take this through into the summer window - Arsenal are about 18 months+ ahead of us in development (arguably more in terms of turning the squad over to fit Arteta's style) but even the more optimistic people in the summer wanted top 4 and a trophy and we may well get one or both of those 

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I'm very happy with our progress. We still have 3-4 glaring holes in the team before we can be considered title contenders.

We're a top 4 team and I think we'll finish 3rd. If we can stay within 8 points off the top come EOS then it will be really good for us.

For the first time in a decade I do think we're building something. We've been burned so much that I can't really get too excited though. Need to sort out the ownership stuff first, seeing as it seems we're skint right now.

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