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20 minutes ago, TFIA said:


That's a very rough August. Three tough away games and Liverpool at home. The Ten Hag fraud narratives could get going in a hurry. The easiest fixture is the opening one and Brighton will fancy that after what they did to us in April. 

6th place IMO. I think that's optimistic. 

10th please.

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Red October!!

One thing I've realised with this abomination of a club not one game will be a gimme not even against the 3 promoted sides! 

If this was Fergie days I'd say we've got a piss easy start until October bar the Dippers match in August....nowadays I'm shitting myself we have to travel to Brentford, Southampton and Leicester before September has began!

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It's strange to see a fixture list for the month of December so quiet. Strange times with a Winter World Cup ahead.

ETH will probably be well overdue a holiday by that stage, after spending a few month trying to coach some of the wasters in this United squad.

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October looks horrendous. If we don't have a good start to the season then we could really be a worrying place after October.

We've still got 2 months to go, but the apparent lack of action in the transfer market is a concern so far. I think we need 4-5 at least and you'd want them all in ASAP, before the season starts at least.

I think the amount of changes we've made at board, management and scouting levels all at once has led to us being really up against it. We don't seem to have any kind of plan in place whatsoever, which might lead to a tough season if things don't change quickly.

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