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2021/2022: PL MD 37: Brighton v Man Utd

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Such a meaningless and irrelevant game. If Brighton play well they will win. If they play like Brentford did, a pace as slow as ours, we will probably win.

When you watch Liverpool,  looking easily capable of winning all 4 this season, without looking under any pressure, you just realise how incredibly far we have plummeted! And how utterly hard it is going to be over the next few seasons to get anywhere near the top two in the table. How can such a mighty, wealthy, major club like we were, have dropped to abysmal depths?

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United making Brighton look like Brazil when they were worldbeaters!

Such an utter shite team being totally outclassed by Brighton. Second goal will kill game off!

RR determined to be worst United manager in premiership by miles!

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I think United players must spend every training session sat down playing chess!

Definitely no where near a football.

Typical Ronaldo free kick. 10 foot over crossbar.

Elanga beaten at every ball.....

This must be Brightons easiest half of football all season. A non league team would give them a harder game.

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Every single Brighton player is a whole class above all of our players. 

Total and utter rebuild needed this close season. Not one of these United players is good enough to be playing for us.

Their goalie could have left the ground and gone to the cinema. The nearest we've come to troubling him was Ronnie's free kick that sailed 10 foot above the crossbar.

Hurray, United getting dirty. Although Dalot should have been given a free kick.

Brighton kill us off.....Too good a team for us.

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If RR doesn't drop this whole team and play 11 youngsters in our last game, he wants sacking. No consultancy role.

5 away defeats out of 5.

If RR had been manager for the whole season we'd definitely of been relegated.

FFS Cavanis on. Put the fucking ball into the box......if you can't cross when Ronnie and Cavanis in there Bruno, you might as well stop playing altogether!

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26 minutes ago, rezzy said:

Remember people preferred Telles over Shaw 🤣🤣

Still do fwiw, at least telles tries and is just far better suited to a wing back role, the other is far better suited to being sat in a cafe


that said I think he’ll do well under ETH

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