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2021/2022: PL MD23 - Brentford v Man Utd

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United played decently for 30 minutes against Villa, which was 20 minutes longer than they have played in most games this season. Then they went back to the antithesis of football and succumbed to easy Villa goals which ruined what could have been a comfortable 2 nil win.

I just despair of United at the moment, from the top to the bottom, everybody seems to be pulling in differant directions. Even to Ralf saying Martial didn't want to be involved in the game, and him saying the opposite. There is no unity amongst any of the players and they all are putting little effort in. I hear that Ralf is not able to buy anyone in this window, so the owners aren't bothered about attaining 4th place which should be the very bottom expectation. Such apathy everywhere. 

Until something major changes this could prevail for a few more years!

Brentford like most other clubs, will control midfield and create goal chances against us and the only hope we have of winning this is through some individual brilliance which has been mostly non existent this season.

2 nil win to Brentford.

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Brentford play as a team, they are good at head tennis and like to get the ball out wide, I would tight mark Ivan Toney, as he is their key player.

There soft spot in defence is that they can be opened up straight through the middle, crossing into the box usually gets dealt with, but if we are clever, we should win.

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Hard to believe just how shit United are at the moment. Ralf hasn't  made any differance at all

It's the same total lack of control in every game against every opponent. Like a pub eleven playing Barca at their best every week. 

If we survive next round of European Cup I'll be absolutely amazed. Just keep watching in the hope that one day I'll see United play a decent game.....but its not looking likely for the rest of the season.

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4 minutes ago, nirav said:

why do we even take corners.. just gift it to them.

We keep doing out swinging ones too when I know from a tifo video a year ago that in swinging is many times more likely to lead to a goal ffs, we hired a set piece coach in the summer and I’d love to know what he’s been paid to do because we still haven’t scored from one and aren’t any better defending them 😂


even when we get a decent ball in nobody attacks it well, and the one who does do that well is sat on the bench and never fucking scores them anyway 

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