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2021/2022: PL MD21 - Man Utd v Wolves

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Finally - a team worth supporting.

This has been a major issue for quite some time, but people seem to have forgotten about it or ignore it. It's too easy to say we need to sell loads of these players as soon as we can, but like you sa

Greenwood was far better than Sancho

Just now, CB78 said:

What Mcktominay did that 2nd last Wolves attack is gd example where this midfield is so weak

Mis timed jumping in, leaving a big hole to attack rather than holding position, timing the tackle - can’t happen 

This ,,hole" is set from  the different approaches . 4-2-2-2 (without mids) vs 3-4-3 .

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3 minutes ago, Pap1918 said:

This ,,hole" is set from  the different approaches . 4-2-2-2 (without mids) vs 3-4-3 .

Yeah but he can still choose to jump in or hold- think that’s what separates the really top midfielders (amongst other things) positioning & timing 

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If Wolves can score they will either win or draw.

1 minute ago, TFIA said:

Dead team.

Couldn’t care less about the rest of the season. All about rooting out the trash.

And we were actually optimistic of challenging for the title at the start of the season.

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11 minutes ago, O said:

Wolves have outplayed us in both games and will lose both. Like Villarreal.

McTominay has been awful. The opposite of the other night. Up against a real midfield.

McTom has been terrible, because at times he's been our only midfielder, trying to get play through 3-4 Wolves players, terrible shape.

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