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2021/2022: PL MD20 - Man Utd v Burnley

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Maguire is a disgrace, absolute fraud

This is the time Ragnick needs to show metal. Maguire simply can not continue to play for United for a very very long time. Disgraceful player.

I’m going to this because I like my trauma up close and personal…. That free bar is getting smashed. 

Seemed to change shape mid game ystrdy?  be interesting to see if sticks with? 

When players are executing so badly all over the pitch hard to know what’s most effective?    I’ll give it a run of games before fully judging - liked the decisive subs/change at half time last night, hopefully shows he’ll makes changes/adapt quick when things not working 

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Surely we can't give the ball away 167 times again like we did at Newcastle, but where the improvement is going to come from, I just don't know. 

Burnley will be licking their lips in anticipation of being really physical against us and winding the players up. And if we play as direly against them as we did against Newcastle, they should beat us 3 nil or more. However its time for Ralf to show what he can do, any better attitude would be a start, and if it shows, maybe we can scrape a draw or a flukey win!

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Not convinced this line up will be any improvement on what went on against Newcastle. 

Shaw may get forward on the flank, but AWB is one of the worst attacking wing backs in the premiership. Sancho and Greenwood to be the midfield creative geniuses, producing clever defense splitting passes for Ronaldo and Cavani to pounce on.....don't think so!

( I know AWB is not a defensive midfielder, but why not try him there, in front of the Centre backs where his tackling ability can break down opponents attacks?).

Matic and McT producing the physical presence to stop Burnley getting any control of midfield.....ha, ha.

Reckon this could be a long 90 minutes, Burnley struggling to score all season, so maybe they'll not score in the first 10 minutes like most opponents do, but they must have a game plan to disrupt Uniteds natural flow......whatever that is these days!

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