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United Players’ “Social Media Strategy”

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Just listen to this shit. It's actually dystopian. Shows how controlled and calculated everything these players say and do actually is.

I took a lot of shit for questioning the actual purpose of Rashford's charity work or for mentioning that Jones/Lingard's mental health comments were very opportunistic for them. This pretty much confirms it as there's no way these players are saying anything without input from this Orwellian operation. I genuinely hate nearly everything about this club. It's so fake and it's just rotten at it's core. 

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The social media team behind the club's official pages are cringey as fuck. There's multiple posts about Ronaldo everyday of the week. I get the immediate reaction to Ronaldo coming back, but it's just endless shite-posting about the guy now. 

Maguire has been pretty much forced to say the same repetitive post with every defeat now. Even Roy Keane mocked him about it openly on Sky Sports. 

Rashford - make sure you mention about this loss hurting more because you're a local boy & a United fan all your life. 

Anyone who's believed these players genuinely write any of their posts on social media without any help, are just plain stupid. In fact, I'd say some of them have little input into what actually goes on. 

Look at Ronaldo's Instagram, the most followed account in the world. It's hilarious if any United fan genuinely believes Ronaldo writes the posts before & after our games. " come on Reds!! "  " we are UNITED!! "  “ let's go Red Devils!! "  

Like mentioned above, there's so much wrong with this club right now. 


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