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Champions League 2021/2022

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11 minutes ago, Eddie said:

You can imagine the job Pochettino has trying to get some work-rate out of that front three. 

I've seen Mbappe track back a couple of times, but Messi & Neymar are a disgrace out there. Just strolling around. 

At least the other two are making runs when they have the ball. They were passing around City’s box and Messi just stood walking in a 5 yard radius.

It’s brutal. It’s been obvious for years that this was killing Barca in the Champions League and no one ever calls him out. People never shut up about Ronaldo not pressing but he’s the fucking Road Runner next to this guy.

Mbappe is terrified of Walker. 

Most underrated player in history.

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In The Segunda Divisón.

Less said about us the better…  Pjanic could and should have gone to a top team / league - quality player!    Also we need to be all over it when Dortmund inevitably look to cash in on Bel

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