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The Jadon Sancho thread (feels goooood, man)

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4 minutes ago, John Locke said:

I don't see any reason why he won't eventually be a success. Yesterday nearly everyone struggled. Sancho has many good qualities such as finishing, movement, skill, pace and awareness. He just needs to receive the ball in more dangerous positions rather than where there are 6 defenders in close proximity.


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Watched the game again.

There were plenty of instances where his quality on the ball was evident - however there were just as many where his final ball/decision was lacking.

I have absolutely no doubts over his ability; this is a test of character. He’s going to need the strength of character to demand the ball from world class players and put his mark on the game.

Obviously I believe he’ll come good and it’s very early days. We’ll see… 

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He's like a rabbit caught in the headlights at the moment and it looks like he's really lacking in confidence.  He's very hesitant in his play and when he makes a mistake it looks like his head drops.

Early days and time is obviously on his side but he needs a goal, or a big performance at least, to boost his confidence and give him more self-belief. He's also going to take time to settle in a new league whatever happens.



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2 hours ago, haggler said:

Look at his body shape. He is 10 pounds over what he should be and he needs to think quicker in this league. A few weeks shadowing Ronaldo and he will click. He was meant to be the big marquee signing and that got torpedoed by Ronnies arrival. He will be a star in our shirt.

Last night was The CL m8.

Did you not hear, Ronaldo has banner dessert?

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Despite it being early days, the signs are concerning. I wasn't overly hyped about signing him as short of his England appearances and some highlights I didn't see too much of him at Dortmund, but history suggests this wouldn't work.  The extent of our scouting system seems to be to identify a position to strengthen and buy someone high profile in that role. There's no legislation for the work that would need to be done with someone like Sancho and the tactical tweaks necessary. We don't have the coaching team for that. It works for the likes of Bruno and Ronaldo where you just need to put them on the pitch and their quality will shine through.

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