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Where do the supporters go from here?

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Is your support for the club over if it joins the breakaway league or will you eventually come to terms with it and follow it into the future even if its only a shell of what it once was?

My enthusiasm for the game has already waned over the last 5 years. Perhaps its that i still remember a bygone era where the clubs were closer to the fans or with age care about the flaws in the sport and over commercialization more greatly than i once did. 

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Lot of United fans I know are ceasing supporting the club forever if United go ahead with this. 
It’s some act of shit- housery from Woodward and the Glazers, that United fans want to bail from the club. 
Don’t blame them either. Go watch your local team rather than billionaire American owners jacking each other off in this ridiculous league. 

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First thing first don't abuse the players over this ficaso, they seems to be as upset with this as the fans are. I have no doubt that the glazers will try to get them caugt in the crossfire if it suits them no doubt.

If you want to throw United collected memorybila away because of this, don't do this you will only regret this later specially if its stuff that pre dates the Glazers, you are barking up the wrong tree doing so as you are only punishing the wrong folks by doing so as they had nothing to do with Glazer's terrible decision..SO I would only consider stuff bought after 2005, and specially after 2013 (I know its kind hard too split Sir Alex era in two.)

But I don't think i will stop supporting the club over this, I will support the removal of the glazers at all cost however. 

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