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2020/2021: PL Matchday 32 - Man Utd v Burnley

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Burnley played out of their skins and executed their gameplan well.

The issues today was a slowness to throw bodies forward and create holes in burnleys defense. You can't have both central midfielders back against a low block team. One has to run into the box even if it leaves us a bit exposed.

Our central defenders coped very poorly with their target man and on set pieces we looked vulnerable. 

Again crossing was mostly poor. Blocked by the first man or too delayed and without cavani we don't have anyone who can attack a cross well. 

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Well we got the result. Similar to other games we've seen over the last few months - started well, but then when we didn't get the goal we seemed to stop playing and let Burnley in.  Credit to Burnley who we always struggle against with the way they defend in numbers and their direct play.

I do think we sometimes overplay when we get into and around the opposition's box. Sometimes I think we just need to take a shot or get the cross in early - that's what Greenwood did for the second, and you can get your rewards even if the goal is not 'clean'.

Some of Greenwood's build-up play was poor again today, as it has been for much of the season tbh, so it's great to see him get his goals - that's certainly a big positive.

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So 8 points behind the Berties with 6 games remaining. Realistically, the title has been pretty much out of reach for most of the season but if City decided to self destruct we could be in win a shout ?

Wasn’t pretty but Mason is just different class. 

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A better start to the season, and not losing to the bottom team, who have only got four wins all season, and we might have been in reach of City now. Absurd that United could have been challenging for the league when our play has been atrocious in big chunks of games.

Still, I guess it means that with some good buys in the transfer window. ie another Bruno, and a solid centre back, and a right winger, and maybe a right back who can cross a ball, we could be close to challenging for the league again!

And our existing strikers, Rashford, Greenwood, James, improving, Cavani, or a replacement if he leaves, and Martial maybe being more consistent, and the strike force is there!

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