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2020/2021: EL - Quarter Final (1st Leg) - Granada vs Man Utd

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Be interesting to see what team we play now. We've got Spurs on Sunday.







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Granada have only 2 players that they've paid transfer money for. So you'd think this game wouldn't be too difficult. But United playing like a team of 90 year olds......just when is Ole going to get this team to perform from the start of any game. So utterly RUBBISH!

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Lindelof laced the ball up the pitch and Rashford scores. Route one is the best way for us to score when our defence and midfield are so painfully, miserably slow! Grenada have only won two games out of their last eleven but they've had four times more chances than us.

If we play so ponderously against Spurs, they'll be three nil up by half time.

I really don't know what United spend all week doing in training? Its like they've spent the week working on fishing to be so standstill and slow.

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Greenwood needs another trick he can run at players but usually runs INTO them. That will come in time but I get why it's frustrating.

James has been backed by Solskjaer as a "proper Manchester United player"....it's a only a vicious rumour that he said that while snorting coke of a lapdancers arse!!

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The way United are going we'll have the academy side playing against this lot at home.....might be a damn sight better performance if we did!

Pogba and Bruno have been world class, on the flight in playing draughts.

Is this the worst United performance this season?

I know there's a hell of a lot to choose from.

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