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2020/2021: EL - Round of 32 (2nd Leg) - Man Utd vs Real Sociedad

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23 minutes ago, O said:

Some fans on Twitter don't think it was a foul. LOL.

Mortal Kombat.

Since the Ref called of the goal it should have been red if you ask me.

8 minutes ago, robbo777 said:

This level of torture is standard Europa league trash. Terrible competition

Just reintroduce Cup Winners Cup and you will bring ballance to European football. 

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Disappointing game. Need Cavani back against Chelsea. Martial is a lousy centre forward. 

United without Bruno are clueless and have zero creativity. Let's be honest if you can't score at home against this poor team then what chance have you got against a Premier league team?

Amad never really got into this game or Shoretire. Hope there is much more to come from both of them. Especially Amad who has cost quite a bit!

Sociedad not had one shot on target, and United done bugger all too.

Have to improve by 250% to come away with anything from Chelsea!

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Crap game. Thought Tuanzebe looked ok in midfield actually. We might need him if the others are out. Cool to see Shoretire though he's miles and miles away tbf, understandably. Williams looks well off though he's never really been good enough.

We seemed to just ignore Amad which was a shame. It makes me think we are literally trained to ignore the right side.

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