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2020/2021: PL Matchday 25 - Man Utd v Newcastle

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Words can’t describe how shit Maguire is.  Pathetic. 

Matic running past you should be a straight red. 

My favourite quality of Maguire's is how he instinctively holds his hands out at nobody in particular whenever he makes a mistake in the hopes of convincing himself and those around him that he wasn't

8 minutes ago, TFIA said:

Starting James over Greenwood in the most obvious low block fixture we have just sums up Ole.

He’s genuinely retarded. A fucking simpleton could do better. Wasting the most talented squad since Ferguson on this clown.

Tbf while I also wouldn’t have done it, surprisingly Newcastle haven’t sat in a low block in the way I’d expected, they have pressed us at times, maybe they’re just doing an awful job of it but there’s more room than I thought we’d get and it might be worth having James just parked on that touch line to drag the defender out 

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26 minutes ago, TFIA said:

Oh look one of his good moments that people will point too during his next 20 game spell of being shit.

You said this last game.

Give in to your true feelings and embrace the Rash.

10 minutes ago, Sownak27 said:

Of all the so-called "top teams" in the league, our technical quality must rank lowest. Basic aspects of the game -- like controlling the ball, or passing it 5 yards -- seem like a challenge. 

been this way for ages tbh. Even in SAF's final 2 seasons IMO. 

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