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Next United manager

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Wow. Definitely the best choices of the interims - Can't wait to see what he'll bring to the setup. Like the long term involvement but I imagine that may be more of a gesture than anything too si

Agreed. Good signs for Fletcher and Murtough that they made this call. If it was left to Woodward then Carrick would have got 5 games to prove himself. I'll be surprised if it's not Pochettino come ne

It's convenient for everyone. The PSG squad is much more of a Zidane one anyway. If possible we need to make it happen. Pay them whatever, give them Pogba, it's obviously what Poch and United wan

1 hour ago, JJtheRed said:

£10m buyout for Poch 

Yeah the question mark was whether or not PSG would dig in and make it difficult but they seem open to moving on to Zidane. 

Seems like he could be in place in time for the Arsenal game, which may be the most important game we play this season. 

Definitely exciting stuff. I think we'll improve but we'll not see the best of the side until next season. 

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20 minutes ago, TFIA said:

Now the Telegraph reporting that Zidane does want the PSG job.

All the pieces are coming together. Everyone wins. 

It's happening. The club might end up making a good decision for once.

Poch will probably fail, but at least we now have some hope again.

Really interested to see what he does with the midfield in the long term. Bruno will likely be the Dele Alli to Kane (Ronaldo). 

I could see him going for Tchouaméni to upgrade on McFred. But having said that, I think he'll love McTominay.

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Ernesto Valverde wasn't a name I was expecting to hear in relation to becoming an interim manager at United. But there does seem to be some truth that the club have contacted him directly to discuss the role. 

Of course he'd have to work with the current coaching team already here. So best of luck to any interim willing to to join that. 

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On 23/11/2021 at 12:24, Pap1918 said:

PSG will get a money from the buyout clause instead of  losses due to compensation packages in few months . Mainly they are getting Zidane who won the most prestigious trophies as a coach with squad full of egos and talent.   Seems like master class work from their board.


If Zidane expressed interest in the PSG job, they'd sack Poch faster than Fergie can say 'racehorse'.

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My two main concerns about Pochettino are 'bottle' (for want of a better word/phrase) and record in the transfer market.

Clearly he improved Spurs a lot for a few seasons and they played some great football. But, when it came down to it they always came up short - finished 3rd in the league in a two-horse race, losing in one final and other semi finals, and now when he's managing the first club that he's under real pressure to deliver big trophies it's claimed that he can't wait to leave.

Spurs' record in the transfer market when he was in charge was very mixed as well - a few successes, but also a lot of dud/underwhelming signings. (That's if he was choosing the signings at Spurs and if he gets to choose the signings here, of course.)  Considering the squad is going to need an overhaul of sorts yet again over the next few years, it's going to be vitally important we bring in the right players.

I think if he comes he might end up being the 'rebuild manager' and he'll implement a style of play, but I'm not completely convinced he'll be the one to really compete with Pep/Klopp/Tuchel.


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This is really encouraging. I wasn't sure about how much truth their was to his part in a consultantcy role when the news first broke, but now it looks like he's got definite guarantees from the United board that he'll be involved in key footballing decisions moving forward. Otherwise he wouldn't be taking up this interim manager role at all. 

This could be the start of something really, really exciting for United fans. 

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