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Donny van de Beek.

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Just now, O said:

Good deal. Let's hope he doesn't Klaassen.

Or van Nistelrooy and fail his medical. (Of course if he turned out to be like Ruud at the cost of waiting a year, I'd take it)

7 minutes ago, hdcantona said:

£36m and 4 in add ons agreed apparently (roughly - as it's €40m + 5 in add ons) 

Where are you seeing this? I can't see anything on Sky or BBC.

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Just now, aardvarked said:

Outstanding value in today's market if this goes ahead. Don't see how he fits into our current setup though, unless we can get rid of Pogba. 

Don't worry - I'm sure we'll manage to make that fee look pricey with our textbook management of players soon enough, he'll have forgotten how to pass by January!

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Really excited about us signing Van de Beek. Such a tidy little player and an absolute steal at this price.

The thing I love about him is his tenacity and willingness to win the ball back. I think against lesser teams he can play in Matic's position alongside Bruno and Pogba and also gives competition/depth for Pogba's and Bruno's places.

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if that's true then it's not smooth as it seems. Ed panicked we might not get him so he got the job done quickly. we showed interest months ago but it because others started to show interest that Ed moved his ass.

a very good signing nevertheless.

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Van De Beek eh.. 

I like him a lot.. great young player. Fits with our timeline. Energetic hard worker like Bruno. Awesome runner off the ball, sure to guarantee 15+ goals+assists immediately. Will help us with the modern pressing game up front with Bruno. Gives us the option of playing an extremely potent two way 4 man midfield if we want -
AWB - Lindelof/Upamecano - Macguire - Shaw / Williams / Regulion
Pogba - Matic / Kante / Thiago
Bruno - VDB
Any two of Rashford, Martial & Greenwood up front.

Solksjaer has been sublime so far in his transfer dealings, and this doesn't change that.

I'm just a bit pensive about this transfer, if it means we're done with midfield business, cos we needed a defensive midfield pivot more than an AMF. Someone like Kante(who is available, albeit the 60m price tag Chelsea have slammed on him @ 29. I'm calling bluff on that. Lampard already doesn't play him much and he was just signed to a 5 year deal ending 2023) VDB's signing is more of a cover for Pogba and Bruno. Pogba's versatile enough to play deep as well, but then he'll start feeling 'unhappy' again, and he just becomes a downright liability in the big games if the opposition has quality midfielders.

I'd be a happy camper if we got
- Kante(loan or purchase for less than 40 mil) / Thiago Alcantera / another DMF Pivot - Most crucial position to fill.
- Upemacano(@ asking price)
- another attacking wing, which need not be Sancho for a 100m. Bale on loan or somebody young outside of the Prem and La Liga, so it still remains within budget.
Bonus - Regulion(LB)

Honestly, I feel, if we can get Kante, Upemacano and none of the others, we will challenge for the league this season. I sense more goals coming from the Bruno, Pogba, VDB, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood as they start gelling from the beginning of the season this time. And we weren't too shabby on defense last year.

Loved how Martial, Rashford and Greenwood came together towards the end. I figure a big name addition might stunt their progress somewhat, but we do need depth given CL football and our forwards' injury history.

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