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I can’t see it happening. We are an absolute joke and it’s depressing. We know the price. Pay it or sign someone else 2 months ago. They are not giving me a COVID discount off my season ticket! (If I

Silvestre has become a little underestimated over time due to how bad he was after he left us + how good we became when he lost his place. I liked him at LB in particular.  Nutted Ljunberg as wel

2 hours ago, JJtheRed said:

First (obviously low) bid has gone in. 

I just do not understand the strategy maybe it would have worked sometime that we keep on trying it. I doubt though it would have ever worked for anyone.


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2 hours ago, haggler said:

He has agreed personal terms

Says so in The Sun so it must be true

They were agreed last year. 

I don’t know if it’s the same bid from earlier or we’ve gone back in with €90m 

-e- Euros, not Pounds 

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With Woodward still in charge, ( last time though, thank god ) I can see already the plan. With Jadon and Trippier. We'll offer less than clubs want for them, mess about for the whole transfer window, by which time some other club will have bought them or we'll end up rebuying Fellini!

How I long for the past when Gill would have transfers done and dusted, without the press even having a clue who we're buying.

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40 minutes ago, TheManc said:

He's going to be a disappointment and Ole will get his new deal.

We're too poor to succeed but too good to collapse.

He's getting a new deal, no doubt. That doesn't mean he can't be sacked next year.

Even Ole's diehard fans can't argue if United finish 4th season and don't win a trophy. That's not progress. Especially if he's given players like Sancho & Varane.

I'm close to done anyway. I've only watched 2 full games of Euro 2020, and haven't missed United playing. It's been a nice break. No Ole debates or any other shite.

Burn them all.

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If we were a halfway ambitious side we'd be looking to replace Rashford too but you just know he'll play every game. 

Boring signing, should have been done 12 months ago and it's hard to give a shit. What number he takes will determine whether or not he flops. Sell the French trash and give Cavani #9. 

Should be the first of many to come in but this will be used to appease the fans for the next 5 years as an example of our amazing potential in the market.

Fucking piss take. Sell Pogba and sign Grealish you fucking cowards. If you're gonna go full Brexit FC at least get the best players instead of letting them fuck off to City.

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