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Packing - Outplaying Opponents in Football.Impect method of football analysis

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The Packing-method delivers to meaningful KPIs.

Outplayed Opponents: There are different ways to take opponents out of the game – through vertical passes, diagonal balls or dribblings. In all situations, the Outplayed Opponents are summed up.

Outplayed Defenders: This KPI is a specification of the Outplayed Opponents and refers to the last 6 players who can defend their goal. To outplay defenders is particularly effective and has the greatest impact on scoring goals. Therefore, the number of Outplayed Defenders are added separately.

Just found this way of footbal analyses and I am very ,very glad .Happy with the fact that ,2 great men found a lot of answers of the what happens at the pitch actually. That ,possesion" obsession which gave in a lot of cases boring football without positive results is still a guide of many coaches .We had few .  When building a squad ,scouting the really creative players is must and We know that ( or think we knew) . The  Impact/impect stats provides a lot of info for selecting the best ones. This a tool for  better scouting, better tactics or just better view of the football games while sitting at front of the TV or at the terraces. 

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