2020 Transfer Targets

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Here is how they will “Explore the possibility”

Whatever Glazer is unfortunately still alive: “Hey I read on the internet we need a “striker” or something. Should we buy this black dude from this French team called the Lions or whatever?”

Woodward: ”It’ll cost money but we can afford it as we brought in billions last year”

Glazer: ”Alright never mind that then. That’s our due diligence done. Go find me an official gas station sponsor in Malawi and make us the official football team of Dawn Dish Soap as well as that Indonesian take-home pizza company, and worry about actually making the team better later. Boy am I glad I have you and don’t have to pay a GM”

Woodward: “As you wish.”

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10 hours ago, ALF said:

Dunno if the slaphead Jose apologist knows much but this would be nice. 



Would be a good signing if we brought another creative player too.

Werner can probably do better than us. Our horrifically slow build up wouldn't suit him either.

I hope we're in the relegation zone come January. Genuinely. Seeing those fuckers squirm and desperately chase solutions would be hilarious.

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