Can we be serious opponent for gold?

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6 hours ago, TFIA said:

 Nistelrooy was class.

Imagine if Meyde from Everton wouldn’t have always been injured and could have been whipping in balls for the Dutch team with Persie and Nistelrooy in the box. 

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5 minutes ago, Txrt said:

This is like when you are with your friends and you think "okay, why did I decide to hang out with the most stupid group of all?" and then you realise you are one more. 

Love you all though, my gilipollases.

Its when you say something stupid, and the group then decide to slag you about it for 4 hours and you laugh with them but inside you're like "i fucking hate these cunts, my work friends dont treat me this way"


Obviously i dont have friends, so that doesnt apply to me.

15 hours ago, ALF said:

And we wonder why we don't get many new posters sticking around. 🤣

Well, in his first 18 words he said 'Bissaka', 'MU' and the following sentence "With this 4 in defense can gold be real?"

Was he ever going to last?

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6 hours ago, Mickey Mouse said:

Is it still not too late for me to pack up and leave?

Nah man, the door and all the real Icelandic and Irish United fans are that way. —————> 

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