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John Locke

Player ratings : Man utd vs Chelsea

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Ddg 8 ...dealt with all their shots on target

Awb 9 ...outstanding debut

Shaw 7 ..a generous 7. Didn't offer much in attack

Lindelof 8.. solid performance 

Maguire 9.. Didn't put a foot wrong. Streets ahead of smalling and co

Pogba 7... looked a bit off the pace

Mctominay 7.. poor first half then grew into the game

Perreira 6... would be 5 if it wasnt for the cross

Lingard 6... a few good runs but pretty average

Martial 7.. ok ish. Made a good run for the goal

Rashford 8 clinical today

James 8 a very promising cameo

Mata and Greenwood. rating

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De Gea - 8 - Made saves you'd expect him to save although those would have gone in towards the end of last season, i'm glad his head seems clear and focused again.

AWB - 8 - holy shit we have a fucking right back who can defend properly, his timing and reading of the game is fantastic  

Lindelöf -  7 - Solid and composed. Played like a man relieved that the two players next to him are also solid and composed. That confidence is vital this season.

Maguire - 9 - Fantastic debut. Just commanded the back 4, covered Shaw well, headed everything away well out of danger but also passed the ball around and lead from the back.

Shaw - 6 - His flaws in positioning were exposed in the diamond formation, other teams will pick up on that if we're not careful he's lucky he had Maguire next to him. 

Pogba - 7 - Some of his runs forward were unbelievable he exploited Chelsea's suicidal high line with an amazing through ball and later a run that both lead to goals. However he made some absolute terrible attempted passes straight to Chelsea players, almost as if he was expect Matic to be there, he needs to cut that out big time. 

McTominay - 7 - Grew into the game and took a few rough challenges but provides so much more than Matic in that position. Could be a real breakthrough year for the kid. 

Andreas - 7 - Would have been lower if not for his brilliant assist. He closed down well but he was sloppy on the ball and in the tackle, the game passed him by a little bit.

Lingard -  8 - Vital on the counter and in the high press, his running and movement shouldn't be overlooked. He didn't really see the ball much but when he did it felt like something was going to happen. I'll take that all day from him.

Rashford - 8.5 - Can we just talk about his touch for his second goal, my god it was a thing of beauty, finish was lovely too. Weirdly like Lingard he didn't really see the ball as much as he maybe should but he bagged two goals and looked likely for a hattrick had he stayed on. He also ended up going to the left to help cover Shaw and did it well. 

Martial - 7 - Played well on the turn, looked to take players on and create things.Took his goal well, tried to link up with Shaw which rarely worked but more due to Shaw than him. Think he'll grow and become a monster in this system.

James - 8 - Fucking made up for the lad, it really rounded the day off brilliantly seeing him bag a goal. Also noticed that full backs are terrified of him, there was a run he made when he first came on, it wasn't spotted by the midfielder but the Chelsea left back didn't know what to do and ended up just stumbling and almost falling over caught him in the two minds. He'll win us a lot of free kicks this season.

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