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He's the new Evra. He seems to really get the club and has bought into the history of it. He's been talking to the media a lot in recent weeks.





Respects the tradition and values. Highlights the young players. Show the influence Bruno has had on him and the squad.

Comfortably my favourite United player at present.

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On 19/05/2020 at 15:41, JJtheRed said:

I knew you fuckers would see sense! 

Just that twat TFIA to come round.... 

Ferguson, Giggs and Scholes are the biggest frauds in the history of the club so obviously another fraud would hop on that bandwagon. Fits right in.

Nice to know Bruno is managing the team though. 

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22 minutes ago, TheManc said:

Garner gets a lot of hype within the club. He's been a bit naff in the first team so far so he must be very good in training.

When he played in the team, the team wasn't playing well at that time.

We were in really good form before the pandemic, so that would have been the time to give him more minutes.

He's added goals to his game this season, which I didn't see coming only a year ago. He was like Carrick, but now he's banging in goals for fun at U23 level. 9 goals this season.

People forget that Scholes was nearly 20 when he made his debut for the club, so a lot of these 18/19 years old are doing well to get minutes at that age.

They say half a dozen Championship clubs want him on loan for next season. Charlton or Swansea would be a good fit, but Wigan would maybe be better. No need to move house.


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