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Chris Smalling


I think the fact that no one has made this thread until now is because collectively, we believed that if no one made the thread, he might just end up leaving the club through will power alone? And it very nearly happened. A reported loan move to Everton was rejected on Deadline Day but either he refused to move or the club wanted him as a squad option.

Which is very much the story of his career. Just when you think that he'll disappear behind a better quality player, he plays his way into the team and ends up being the man to partner whoever is fittest at that moment in time. He's not first choice for United, he's long been off England's radar and he's not very popular with the fans for a lack of everything bar physicality. 

And yet, 1st July 2020, he will reach 10 years at the club. Ten years of Smalling. For a lot of fans, he is the symbol of our mediocrity. As though the day he is sold, a dark cloud will be lifted from the club. Yet he will leave having spent a decade at the club. From playing under the great Alex Ferguson to all of our transitional managers. If nothing else, you have to credit his dependability and willingness to keep forcing his way into the team when it was easier to move to a lesser club and actually be respected by the fan base.

Maguire is here now (Chris Smalling + Phil Jones lite) and it's evident that Smalling's career will be nothing more than backup. Maybe he will be more tolerable in this capacity? Maybe he will outperform Maguire and sign a 3-year contract in December? Honestly, who knows. Turning 30-years old in November, his career is slowing coming to a close anyway. Might as well round off the decade and enjoy the most comical period of this clubs recent history whilst it lasts.

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#12 CHRIS SMALLING I think the fact that no one has made this thread until now is because collectively, we believed that if no one made the thread, he might just end up leaving the club through w

Anyone seen Loublaze? He’s probably on suicide watch. Anyway.....Smalling’s United career in a series of tweets. An absolute rubbish player, one of the worst to ever play for us in the modern era

Should honestly just keep him if we're not going to invest in a CB.  He's a big upgrade on Jones' corpse at this point. He's the guy we should be looking to loan out by any means, similar to Rojo

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16 minutes ago, TheManc said:

Strange move. I'd much rather we lost Rojo. Even with his technical issues I still think he is a good defender. Better than Jones/Rojo anyway. 

Can't say I'm too upset though. I wish him well. It will be interesting to see how he does.

The way were cutting the wage bill I wouldn't be shocked if him and Darmian follow shortly.

We took half of Sanchez's wages and he was probably more valuable than either of those jokers. Shaw being an unprofessional injury prone disgrace may see them stay. 

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Strange and surprising move really, if it comes off. 

I think he's the least worst of the CBs who are further back in the pecking order (basically the others apart from Lindelof, Maguire and Tuanzebe,) so I would have preferred the rest to go first.

They all have to go eventually though, and considering how many CBs we currently have we need to start letting them go asap, I'm not that bothered.

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Should have been sold 7 years ago.      But I will miss someone passing to him on his left foot then having to watch him turn like a cruise ship to get it on his right foot.  Yes. That was a professional footballer on £90 grand a week for almost 10 years at United.

It would be nice if he was a bit like Virgil Van Dyke. Sadly he was more like Dick Van fuckin Dyke.

Smalling, Jones, Young.   Fergies little leaving presents.😂 

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8 hours ago, Burns92 said:

What's the point in doing all this after the window has closed?

It leaves us with only one reliable back up center half in Tuanzebe now, who I imagine is still a bit raw.

On a side note, it's going to be hilarious when we give him a testimonial next season after he returns from the loan.

I honestly think folk have only just started showing an interest and it shows how stupid closing window decision has been for premierleague 

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One of my favourite Smalling moments wasn't even during a match but a commercial event, watch from 15 seconds in and then skip again to 48 seconds 😂

Glad to see the back of him tbh and while it might be argued others should of gone before him I like that Ole is getting rid of players who aren't good enough here that has been one of our problems for years is holding on to players a lot longer then we should have.

One of the worst center backs I think i've ever seen with the ball at his feet like genuinely Sunday league level and always had a mistake in him. Plus he's a vegan which is the worst aspect about him tbh

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