Harry Maguire 2019/20

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I agree Marylin.   But theyre riding on the high of being in the Prem and fair play to them.

Do they have better players than United, Spurs, The Dirties, Chelsea, absolutely not.

The fact of the matter is we should comfortably look to be the better team, and we didnt.  Its not my intention to pick holes in Sheffield.  They did a job and thats fine.   But for 70 minutes we were fuckin awful, not because they made us look awful, we were just terrible.   And before we scored only for big Dave there would have been no arguments had we been 4-0 down.

Poor.  Just piss poor.

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I don't like been negative after a good win but fucking hell his passing tonight was fucking dreadful for a so called ball playing center back and has been pretty average since he came so far imo. I didn't think it was anything great before we bought him tbh and was more based on the odd adventure he'd go on up the field once a game for Leicester but it's been even worse then I thought. He hasn't even been carrying the ball forward like he used to as much as he should.

Needs to pick up his performances and start playing like he did first game against Chelsea on a consistent basis, because he was an absolute beast that day and hasn't really come near it since sadly. Still early days though and hopefully he'll grow into a United player as time goes on.  

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