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Marcus Rashford


It's pretty funny to think about his rise through the team. He could have so easily have going the route of the Macheda or Ángelo Henríquez (I still think about that guy from time-to-time. He looked so natural). Despite being forced to the wing under Jose, all the signs are pointing towards Rashford now being the main striker in the team (having recently signed a 5-year contract of around £200,000 per week). To the point that should we sell Lukaku, I would wager that any replacement will likely being third choice behind Rashford & Martial.

He's never had a high scoring season, and last year, despite playing mostly on the wing, he managed his highest scoring season yet. He's still only 21. His numbers by comparison to most players in this position are staggering and are only really dwarfed by Mbappe. On paper, he's one the best prospects in football today. Yet watching him play all of last season, it's so easy to get frustrated with him. Personally, I pen this down to a lack of form and confidence. 

Given the season to become United's main Striker, I think we will see another player emerge. One which closer resembles the player we saw when he broke out onto the scene where LVG gave the confidence ill-afforded by his predecessors. Or maybe he'll just bomb with the rest of the team? Time will tell.

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Everyone really should take a moment to forget football and appreciate the effort and work he is doing. A perfect use of his platform and the impact he's having on under privileged children across the

Not so much this, just that in order for people to have a similar level of impact they need to have a huge amount of resources behind them to get any kind of attention. There is no way Rashford would'

True. This is why all the world's top players are pro-racism.

He is still young, but he's got a fair bit of experience behind him now. He's been in the first-team for 3 years now, playing both domestically and in European games, as well as being a regular at international level and appearing at two tournaments.

Add in his improved contract and the fact he now seems to be the undisputed first choice, we need a big season from him.

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Hes going to be trusted at least until Ole is sacked. I could see him bagging leading scorer this season 15-20. He has been sensational at times and trash at others all part of the learning curve. Ronaldo had many games where we all wanted to slap him.

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Always thought the stick he got during the past few months was completely OTT  sure he can be frustrating, especially when he steps up to them free kicks 40 yards out but people forget just how young he is, every single player his age is going to be like that.

He's a fantastic young player and we're lucky to have him here and he genuinely loves the club and has that drive to improve and I have no doubt he will. Was nice to see him show that composure on his second goal because that's probably his weakest point for me when through on goal and with time to think but he's got a great mentor at the moment to learn from in that regard and i'm sure he will.

A great start to the season and hopefully he can keep it up now still only 21 and 47 goals for United is some going especially as he hasn't been playing as a striker for most of that time. He's going to be a great player for us for years to come people just need to be a bit more patient with him

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Great to see him hit the ground running.  He's always going to cause problems with his pace and dribbling ability, but it was particularly great to see him show such great composure to get his two goals.  

He and Martial both have a big responsibility this season, so for them to both get goals on the first day of the season is a great start and should give them a lot confidence.

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Gets a lot of flack. 

Still extremely young, not yet realizing his potential, patience is a virtue with this young lad. If he continues to work hard and continues to be confident he will achieve big things. He is a player, he has finished in big moments.

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I've had my doubts about whether Rashford could be a 25-30 goal a season striker for two main reason.  Firstly, his lack of composure, albeit he has shown more composure in spells over the last year.  Secondly, I don't think he is ruthless enough, which was the problem last night. 

Considering he scored twice last week, one of which was a penalty (on top of scoring a high pressure penalty in the CL last season), that penalty should have been his as soon as it was awarded.  He gave in far too easily and wasn't in any way strong enough to make it his.

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Slightly unlucky and somehow inevitable that he'd hit the post with it after all the drama Tuesday (mostly fabricated drama tbf) - but got to be scoring them. 

Also thought he was very wasteful in many other aspects playing on the left overall with the odd flash here and there. 

He needs to stop taking free kicks but then we're running out of people who can actually hit them :L 

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5 hours ago, PVAD said:

I'm beginning to feel he is Welbeck reincarnated. ? 

 Sure he'll get about 16/18 goals for you a season but we need so.much more than that from a first choice "striker"

 We should be seeing improvement from him but as @Burns92 said he has has tailed off and rapidly at that.


I agree with that.

I'm in the middle of the spectrum of opinion with Rashford.  He's got the potential to be a very good player, but he isn't going to be World Class or the brilliant player that some think he's going to be.  He's never going to be a 25-30 goal a season striker.  He doesn't have a striker's instinct imo.  I've always thought he should be developed into a left-sided forward.  

You do have to wonder how much better a player he is than when he broke through and I think the answer to that is he's not much better, if he is at all.  I don't think it helps than he's never had any serious competition, because I think he's become far too complacent. 

4 hours ago, nirav said:

Had so many balls put by James where he could have attacked but he was always behind the defenders. If the same continues then he can not be trusted as the main striker.

...and this is something that annoyed me today.  It doesn't just apply to him, but to most of the attacking players and midfielders we have.  I can think of 3 occasions (two from James, one from Wan-Bissaka) when a great ball was played across the face of goal, yet not one player had the nous or hunger to gamble.  One of the occasions Rashford wasn't too far away from it, yet made very little attempt to get onto the end of it.

Even though we weren't great today, if we had a player who was able to sniff out the chance of a goal then I think we'd have won.  And I don't even mean a really top class striker - even a poacher who's been a consistent goalscorer in the Premier League, like a Defoe, Chicharito etc.

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