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La Casa de Papel / Money Heist

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I open this thread because I've been hearing by everyone it's great for some time now. Not only Spanish people but people from other places have loved it too, and I've started recently, just watched a couple episode yet, but it's looking pretty good. 

In case someone's out there without finding anything to watch or wants to give a try to something from another country or in another language, I think it's a very good choice. It has great reviews almost everywhere online, and I'm really enjoying how it's done so far, when it comes to script, cynematography, soundtrack, cast... Important, it is in Netflix everywhere as "Money Heist" (which is a pretty bad translation and a boring title).

Here I'm going to leave the link to its filmaffinity site in case someone wants to know what it's about without me fucking it up in the explanation:

Also, as an extra, Úrsula Corberó is in the TV Show, for anyone who doesn't know her or does not follow Spanish actresses, I'm going to leave here a couple pics of her. However, I have to add that there is much, much more to the Show than her being beautiful.




Another extra, Neymar & Mbappe dressed up like in the TV Show for Halloween.

Also, if someone has watched it or started and didn't like it, you can tell us what your opinion was here too.

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1 hour ago, Txrt said:

My costume for today to celebrate Carnival. 


Fan of Tokyo too? Ahahaha.

Denver's my favourite, man. Love that dude. ^^

In French they kept the original title La Casa de Papel. I also think Money Heist is a poor title to give it, but still a top show.

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I'm on ep 8 part 1.binged it a bit..but will carry on..not bad..and not great either..

So far id give it 8/10

Helsinki is gay and proud..

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If I was in that.. I'd be called Birmingham..meh

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Watched the 10 episodes of Season 1 this week.

I really like it. Berlin, Tokyo and Denver are really good actors.

I watch it in Spanish with English subtitles. I didn't like it in English.

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