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Post Chelsea Match

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Well that went well..for one was a fair result..considering We had a weaker squad..on another  day We would have played them off the park..but its still a fair result considering the fixture list.. and on the night the best team won..

Now how do we prepare for the Liverpool game..that game has more importance  ,than this did..3 points will be vital to our quest for 4th or more..but cementing 4th over the next few weeks is more important..United need to be 4 points clear of 5th by far it has more or less gone to plan..but can United do it ,with important players Ole approaches a very rampant physical Liverpool side..who have been playing like this since Match 1..whereas United have just began to use high tempo since Ole..and players being not used it..have suffered cramp and fatigue or shown signs of jelly leg syndrome..Ole will need a plan ala the Oshea smash and grab one imo..

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Just getting ready for the inevitable..i think we all time travel at some point.. ie thinking ahead etc...but we're just crap at it..

But it was a decent match.with some good performances put in by those that filled in for those that were absent..both goalies had a good game..our defence is still weaker than most teams..but David saves them again..but for how long.. Motm..was the ref for me..He let the game just flow..not one yellow...


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It was a diversion to take the pressure of the main thread..we bumped the Psg thread so much  pre match..that we jinxed the game..

The best team did win..but our defence stood out bigtime..i get a lot of confidence out of that..

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    • By butler
      City win the Quad...or Pool win the league..??
      I'd rather pool win the league than city winning the quad.
    • By butler
      Seems to be in line for the Oldham job..lets see how this pans out..wish him well..
    • By butler
      Any thoughts..would or could he replace Valencia from the off..looks very talented.
    • By butler
      Need to be rather honest this summer..
      Who seriously needs to be got rid off,and who needs to be considered.
      Me personally would try too offload.
      Smalling. no surprises.
      Jones..had too too injury prone. done.takes too much and offers sod all.not even marketable since 2011.learn from Terry..
      And consider.
      Fellaini suffient position 
      Mata. .seen too much off him now
      Darmian ..still just a squad player.
      Martial ..last chance. .just once more.
      Lingard ..same as above.
      Carrick..thank you mate...fade out..
    • By butler
      That is the message from Old Trafford
      At least I hope it is.
      We definitely do not need this Man at this stage
      We should ride the storm,already out UCL so really only the the UCL spot to play for,We should manage that,I feel we will make it.
      Jose is a great Manager,no doubt he will lift the squad,or maybe the squad might not like his arrogance and rebel against him.
      I for won do not want him to get the glory for getting us a UCL spot or an FA cup final.
      I also dont him buying players to loan out ala Chelsea.
      We seriously need to consider a Manager who will be adopting great free flowing football,and trying to emulate the United way.
      I know many would like Jose here and I can understand that,maybe if he was here after SAF,it would have been ideal.
      After his fiasco at Chelsea and losing support of the players,showing disrespect too his staff publicly has put me off him,he would risk the well being of his players to get a result which would seem impossible to get even with 13 players,results cannot go your way all the time,you need to show humanity sometimes.
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