Marouane Fellaini - 2018/2019

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He's a mixed bag. Does a lot of underrated work and can be obvious when we lack it.

At the same time, he can lose possession or do silly things.

He doesnt get bullied off the ball though, so thats a positive among our midfield.

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9 hours ago, sam10ness said:

Kind of funny because we slagged Mourinho off for complaining about no Fellaini in the reverse fixture😂.

Then he comes in and has a massive impact.

Obviously the haters are no where to be seen.

Hiding until he has a bad game so they can come out in full force.

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So he bought two players, tanked and because these same two players had an impact against Juventus, David Moyes IS a football genius? Nope, I don't buy it - as the Americans say: even a stopped clock is right twice a day. This was Moyes' twice being right in an otherwise catastrophic time at United.

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I fell for some clickbait about that the other day.  The headline was about "Fellaini donating his hair to a good cause", and thought it was going to be a nice story about him donating his hair to make wigs for cancer sufferers or something.

Turns out it was just a shite joke stemming from someone photoshopping his hair onto a Roma player (can't remember who it was.)

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    • By Cole
      The story so far..
      After a successful time at Everton, he moved to Manchester United on deadline day in 2013 for a fee of £27.5 million. After playing in a new side in a variety of positions and without a full pre-season with the club, it was evidently clear over the course of the season that he was struggling to hit the heights of his days at Everton and was subsequently dropped from the side during the latter stages of the season.
      After a summer of speculation linking him with a loan move away, he stayed here vowing to fight for his place and to improve massively and after Van Gaal persisted with him, he did just that. It took just a few minutes after he was bought on to show what he can do when he's in form and given a chance..
      After then he just kept playing better and better. He put in a MOTM performance against Chelsea where not only did he have a hand in the equaliser, he made the most inform midfielder at the time Cesc Fabregas his bitch. After that game he was more of less starting every game and he was finally showing the form that he did at Everton. His performance against Arsenal was another big one from him and he continued to make himself more and more important for our quest to get Champions League football.
      As the weeks and months went on he was scoring important goals against the likes of City, Spurs, Palace, Preston, Stoke amongst others and he was performing well in the big games against City, Arsenal and Liverpool. There's no doubt that without his goals and some of his performances in the bigger games, we wouldn't have made the top four. He really did play a crucial role in our side at times. The left side combination between him, Young and Blind was unstoppable during the period in March and April.
      I think over the course of his time here it's clear for everybody to see that he has improved a lot. He's giving away less fouls, he's not as rash as what he was and he's showing true ability on the ball. He's never going to be the greatest passer in the world but he still has a lot of redeeming qualities which we have seen. He's proven so many people wrong particually on this site and it's good to see that people that used to dislike him, are now seeing what he's bought to the side. 
      Another thing that has to be respected about him as well is his mental toughness. He was getting a lot of stick after his debut season and he could have crumbled under the pressure but instead he put his head down, worked hard and proved himself and he deserves credit for that. Does he need to still improve? Of course he does. I want to see him continue to cut out the fouls and I want to see him improve on the ball more but he's heading in the right direction.

      Dem important goals.

      Here's to another successful season for the big man.
      So what does everybody expect from Fellaini this season? Does he need to keep improving? Should he only be used as a back up option only like some have suggested?
    • By Cole

      Well, after months of endless speculation, bids and rumours, the big man is finally here at Manchester United and I'm absolutely delighted.

      Sky Sports: Manchester United finally secured the signature of Everton's Marouane Fellaini during the closing stages of transfer deadline day for £27.5m.

      Since Roy Keane left Manchester United we have been craving that physical presence in the middle of midfield. We had Fletcher for a couple years who was brilliant for us but since his illness and unavailability, we really have physically struggled in midfield but that is all about to come to an end.

      Some may say that his best performances for Everton have only come from playing as a number 10, but he has equally put the same number of great performances in central midfield where he's bossed the likes of Arsenal, City, Chelsea and a couple of occasions, us. I'm more than confident that with the platform he's been given and the superior players that he will be surrounded by, Fellaini is just going to get better and better and he's going to be an absolute hit for us.

      Does he need to improve? Of course he does but like with many central midfielders, they get better with age and the same will be with Fellaini. His strength on and off the ball, his passing, dribbling with the ball, shooting, eye for a goal, physical presence and what he gives to the team defensively are all key attributes that lead to him being a huge success at this club. He can give us so much which our midfield is currently lacking and with Carrick next to him, I think this could be quite the partnership.

      Some people didn't want him here but for those that don't, give him a fair crack before you judge whether he's good enough for this club.

      He's endured a difficult during the first few months here with some disappointing performances and a couple of injuries but there have been some good signs. His performances against Bayer and Everton were very good and he had a good game on his return from injury against Palace. The stick he has been getting from the United fans, particularly on here has been nothing short of pathetic. Every new signing needs time to show their worth and judging by his performances for Everton, he will come good for us. It looks as though Moyes is going to play him as more of a box to box player which suits him and us far more. Let's get behind him and look forward to him being a very good player for us.

      F**k the haters.

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