Christian Pulisic

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Jose mentioned, no more attacking players will be needed. And the first name that we are linked with after that is Christian Pulisic. Far far away from being any realistic links but who knows. BM and Liverpool also in the fray as per the rumors. 

So is he really some one we need for next season. One second thought is that our luck with Dortmund players has been not good ....

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Yeah I wouldn't put any faith in what Jose says. If a top forward becomes available - Especially a marketable one we will be in for them. I still think we're gonna end up with Bale and I still don't want him.

Lukaku also has a lot of big games left this season to fuck up. If he doesn't produce between now and then there's just no way we'll be as reliant on him next season. 

Pulisic is criminally overrated. Quite obvious why. But another players I wouldn't be shocked to see us go for because MARKETING. Leon Bailey is twice the prospect. 

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