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I feel we're all in our own way, invested in Manchester. It's the home of our club - and ultimately Manchester is what brought us together. Hell I've even been in that very building (WWF Rebellion 2000) so it hit pretty hard personally. Our players and staff live in this city, so that easily could have been their families in there last night. Some people on this forum have friends and family who were there, or weren't by sheer luck last night.

From any angle it's an atrocity that deeply affects any right thinking person, I think. But to have it intrinsically linked to "our" city - perhaps makes it all the harder to take. It also is worth noting that whether you're blue or red doesn't really matter in times like this - Manchester is United. Having seen the worst of "humanity" from the one sick, and corrupted individual, we have again witnessed the very best - the diligent work of the emergency services, the commitment to justice and the support and solidarity of the people of this great city.

I'll close by saying best wishes to the victims and their families, and rest in peace to those who were taken.


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You can take the boy out of Manchester but not Manchester out of the boy.

As a Mancunian with over three quarters of my family still living in the area and some nearby the bomb attack I would like to say thanks guys for this thread.

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