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41 minutes ago, lucretius said:

Will always live in the memory, and one of my top seasons after 99 and 94.

We're a Utd family, but for some unfathomable reason my little brother became a Liverpool fan in 2005 after not really being interested in football for years. He was absolutely convinced they were going to win the league, especially after beating us twice. The second loss to Liverpool had been the 4-1 only a couple of weeks earlier, and we'd lost to Fulham with that horrific makeshift back 3 the week before - I was in Cardiff for the 6 nations and he sent me a massive gloating text.

We were over at my dad's for Sunday dinner, and watching it on his massive tv; my brother was cheering every tackle Nevile missed, reminding me that Liverpool had absolutely smashed this Villa side the previous week. Watching the colour drain out of his face and muttering about too much injury time was absolutely priceless.

The whole season was fantastic - Villa went on a great run, Scolari's Chelsea imploded dramatically, the facts rant, Liverpool only ever being ahead of us when we had games in hand from the Club World Cup, Hull were great for about 10 games (that Giovanni goal!), Arsenal being out of the title race in September, that 5-2 against Spurs...


One of my favourites too. That entire 3 year title run was a joy but 09 was sweeter since Liverpool missed out. All the Liverpool fans I knew were convinced they were going to win it that season, even by their usual 'this year is our year' standards. Maybe would have too without Macheda's 2 goals in that period.

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