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At the time I couldn't believe what I was actually seeing. I had never seen any confrontation between a player and a fan before, well not a physically altercation. It was a beauty of a kick as well, similar to a Guile move from Street Fighter. A heavy ban ensued and who can forget his return again Liverpool? The swinging on the goal support after his equalizing penalty to make it 2-2.

This really highlighted the importance of Eric. The only season we did not win the league when he was with us was this season. It would have been an unprecedented five league wins in a row and we narrowly missed out to Blackburn. Imagine, five league wins in a row! Love the guy and what he meant to this club. I really wishes he stayed a little longer to at least lift the Champions League with us in 99. He really deserved that accolade, still the legend lives on... 

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10 hours ago, JJtheRed said:

On ability it's a no-contest 

Ibra won't get the time to get near his status though. 

If we'd signed Ibra instead of Berba at the time, it'd possibly be a different story... 

I'm just trolling. Can't fully judge Cantona as I didn't watch him play like I did with Ibra. But I could safely say without Cantona there would be no Zlatan that we know today. Cantona was the poster boy of an egomaniac self absorbed footballer persona that inspired the likes of Berba and Zlatan.

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On 23/12/2016 at 23:52, haggler said:


The magnificent 7.

Too funny, the man is a legend and remains a legend in retirement. 

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