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Ryan Giggs Thread

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Why would they sack Guidolin just to replace him with a man starting his first job as a manager when they're threatened by relegation? Monk atleast had a history with the club. 

Then again, they always seem to make a few eyebrow raising calls with their managers and it's paid off so far. How many have they gone through since they were promoted?! 

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They've had an increadibly tough run of fixtures - Leicester and Southampton away, Chelsea, City and Liverpool at home. They also managed to beat Burnley away on the opening day. It will be really unjust to fire Guidolin now.

Though I admit I am curious to see what Giggs can do in management.

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Chris Sutton does not approve of Bob Bradley taking over.

'Is he better qualified than Ryan Giggs for the job?' he asks.

Well ... as Bradley has been an actual manager in his time ..... yes, he is!

I'm curious to see what Giggs can do in management as well. If he's waiting for a PL club to fall into his lap he'll have a long wait. Too much money at stake to risk a complete novice, surely.

And yet, who knows, he might be a natural! Or he could turn out to be another Gary Neville.

Never know til he actually does it.

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Ryan Giggs charged with assaulting two women and controlling or coercive behaviour (inews.co.uk)

He's appearing in court on Wednesday after being charged with assaulting two women and controlling or coercive behaviour. Maximum sentence of 5 years in prison if found guilty apparently.

He hasn't been found guilty yet of course, but even considering what we already know about him he's obviously a skilled manipulator/actor to fool so many people into thinking what a nice guy and professional he was.

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