Let's ALL Mock City- Chequebook Pep “May win the league with the most expensive squad”

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1 hour ago, venusplanet said:

Sane excluded from the Germany squad for WC... that's surprising.


1 hour ago, PeeJay said:

Tough going for Leroy - Brandt must be very good.

Sané has been poor in the German setup according to some Germans on the Cafe.

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Yaya was given another year by Pep, and a chance at a send off.

He's been near enough to shite for 2-3 years.

Pep might be a racist (I've nothing to base this on) but getting rid of and not playing Yaya has nothing to do with it.

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well he's just speculating and there could be another reason for it but imagine what would have happened if pep was our manager and one of our players have said that! imagine the media ⚡🌪️🌀☄️🔥

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Yaya's agent trashing pep

here's some quotes :


"Guardiola was afraid that Pellegrini would win the championship and other tournaments that season, as he did before he came to Bayern Munich, when Jupp Heynckes won all that is possible. Guardiola could not repeat the achievements of Heynckes, being the next three years at the helm of the best German club, which without Guardiola again leads and wins. If you assign my grandmother to Bayern, the team will still become the champion!"

“Perhaps, many will say that this is the style of Guardiola, that he plays enchanting football. Only when you buy all the best players in the world, it’s much easier than, for example, in the case of Ranieri, who won the Premier League with Leicester. In the press, a lot is written about Guardiola, although he is not worthy of being a person. In this case, we hear little about Zidane, and he won the Champions League three times in a row. This speaks about the essence of a person’s personality. And when they say that Guardiola is the best coach, then I have to say: Guardiola hasn’t won three consecutive UEFA Champions Leagues. Moreover, I’m betting that he will never win it at Manchester City. And I think that he will never again win the Champions League.”

"I’m sure that many African shamans in the future will not allow Guardiola to win the Champions League. This will be for Guardiola an African curse. Life will show whether I am right or not.”

 that's some funny shit right there 

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