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Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t

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  1. 1. Which would you prefer?

    • Us to qualify for Top 4 and win the FA Cup while retaining Louis Van Gaal's services
    • Miss out on both and finally rid the club of Van Gaal.

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Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t


By David Connors


Having watched every single Manchester United game this season, it’s almost unimaginable we are still in the position to win a trophy and have the power in our own hands for FA Cup qualification. Considering some of the dross this Louis Van Gaal side has subjected us to this season, this might arguably not far off the Leicester City, Ranieri led miracle. Manchester United winning the FA Cup and getting Top 4 a miracle you say. Sadly, we have been that poor.

Boring, slow, zero attacking flair for the majority of the season, yet here we still are. On the brink of a pretty decent season results wise at the very least. Performance wise, well the less said about it the better. At times it has been a mild form of torture having to sit through United games, having huge percentages of possession doesn’t equate to playing good football. It never has, it never will be and I’ll be damned if the tika-taka purists try to tell me otherwise.

We are currently facing a double edge sword. The type where we could end up losers even if we actually metaphorically end up as winners. Firstly, let’s imagine we win our three remaining games, I can see it being very difficult for the likes of Mr. Ed Woodword marketing genius to place a dagger in back of back of LVG and possibly end all our pain and suffering. The results are there and Louis Van Gaal can suggest he has been harshly treated.

We are however still lucky in one sense, there is truly a world class manager available to us still and he really, really wants to manage us. It has been something he has craved since Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement and having viewed Van Gaal’s tenure at the club, it’s something quite a high percentage of United fans yearn for also. It makes sense and a high array of fans want to see Van Gaal leave.

Yet can we really sack the man who has technically delivered? The man who has given us our first piece of proper silverware (sorry Moyesy) since the Sir Alex reign. The man who has maintained our Champions League status and will ensure we will be able to build on this current squad and attract hopefully some of the world’s elite players and hottest young prospects in world football. Can we? Should we? More importantly, will we?

Personally speaking, I’m not a Louis Van Gaal fan. I think he has outlived his sell by date at this club. The football is as stale as he is. His delusional quotes to the press are at times, at best are bizarre and he doesn’t seem to ever accept his own failings ever. His tactics are bizarre at times and his team selection moreso.

He will state he is the reason for bringing through the new breed of United youngsters such as Rashford, Fosu-Mensah and Lingard. He seems to forget the reason he did was because he basically stripped the squad down to its bare bones and left us with no choice. A club who has spent €250 million is left with no choice but to field debutants all over the field because our manager left us with that short on options.

That to me is plain and simply poor squad management. While I’m the first to admit the youngsters have done well, they should be fielded because they are good enough, not because we simply have no choice. It’s very difficult to say the likes of Jonny Evans, Rafael, Javier Hernandez and Robin Van Persie wouldn’t have been highly useful assets this season. How about Danny Welbeck and Shinji Kagawa from the year before? Would these players not have been useful this season? Is what we are currently fielding that much better than them? I think its fair obvious they aren’t.

So where does that leave us? We win tonight we will almost certainly retain a top four place. We should probably win the FA Cup with no disrespect to Palace. We are favourites in every bookie in the world. It would be classed as a pretty decent season all things considered.

It will however probably leave us with Louis Van Gaal for another year. We will once again miss out on Jose Mourinho and there is no evidence to suggest we won’t be subjected to another season of bog standard football at Old Trafford. While I will always want United to win, I’d be lying if a part of me didn’t wonder would we be better off losing. Would it benefit the club in the long-term? A moment’s pain for some long-term gain one has to wonder would it be for the best.

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