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56 minutes ago, RedDevilDazzy said:

What's wrong with Fletcher being a potential guy to take this job? Honestly, I would welcome it mostly, we need someone in place, and the sooner the better.

We've an  inexperienced manager, a experienced loser as assistant  and a inexperienced assistants assistant. We need another  novice like I need a boil on my sick. These all seem yes men all appointed  by woodlouse. 

We need a experienced Dof who will say it as it is.

FFS this old boys network is Inbred into the squad and the cause of the mess were in,we don't need more shit on longterm contract.

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I think we are in deeper shit that it appears because of Woodward, he shat the bed big time when he appointed Ole and fate has conspired with Ole going on one of the worst runs of results imaginable since Paris. Now the trouble in appointing a DOF under these circumstances is that he has already been undermined by Woodward making the single most important decision a DOF would expect to make when embarking on a major rebuild like the one we need. This also points to Woodward not being willing to completely let go of the football side of the club and most likely the position is so diluted that anyone worth his salt will see it for what it is: a 'flak catcher for Woodward' according to Brian McClair. 

We need Woodward to really define to job description that matches what we expect of a DOF, an executive responsible for our overall football strategy with the authority to hire and fire coaches, sign and sell players in consultation with the manager and establish a link between the first team and all the youth team. Get the most successful guys around like Sammer, Michael Zorc, Campos or the guy at Juve. Allow him to build up his recruitment team that includes talent spotters,negotiators and scouts. All Woodward would be involved with will be limited to approving budget requests, setting budget parameters in terms of wages and fees and giving the nod for the occasional marquee signing above 100m pounds. 

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