discrimination against emojis

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10/10 even better than the baking soda one

Let's just agree that my presence is a pleasance (that doesn't make any sense but it sounds cool) but all in all, the forum would suck balls without me. 

You SERIOUSLY have too much time on your hands. :laugh:

I was trying to post from my mobile the other day and couldn't post because I used an emoji. Emojis are standard now in the age of mobile web surfing 

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On 08/12/2015 at 10:26, aardvarked said:
On 08/12/2015 at 10:26, aardvarked said:


That thing is scary as fuck when you first scroll down in the morning. I've just noticed the fucker has no separation in his teeth. Like a gumshield. 

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Holy shit, just noticed how many there are...

You have no idea how much I like to use emoji's as part of my communication online. I find my tone is often misinterpreted without a face to offset the perceived meaning.


For example;

you're a cunt

you're a cunt ?

You're a cunt ? 

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