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Welsh Open - tv rounds starting tomorrow.





Top 1/4 has Maguire + Ding in there.

2nd 1/4 has Bingham, Stevens, Allen, Carter + Selby

3rd 1/4 has Robertson, Williams, Fu, Dott, Murphy + Hawkins

4th 1/4 has Trump, Higgins, Walden + O'Sullivan.


Bottom half is stacked. I think this is on BBC Wales and possibly Eurosport.

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Do you know when Ron is playing? Couldn't find it.

Final match, so whatever time today's last one was. I look here for all snooker info: https://twitter.com/davehendon


He's a Eurosport commentator. He posts for a website called insidesnooker (see his tweets) which has some cool backstage stories, exclusive interviews with the players etc.

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He's not. He's playing vs Xiao right now.

Won 4-1 I think?


I got the draw wrong. ROS plays Ricky Walden in the last 16.


Shaun Murphy, Mark Allen (lost to Carter) + Neil Robertson (lost to Williams) are out.


The first heavyweight match could be ROS vs Judd Trump in the 1/4 final, if both win their next match.

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