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Dislike the new likes it's bad, otherwise it's fine

I'll have you know I only spent 12 hours F5ing. 

I added a reaction just for haggler's posts

Well this is quite different. Will take a while to get adapt, but it looks pretty sexual.

Do you have a list of changes that have been made? Perhaps there a few little things that might go unnoticed say.

Top work though! :1st:


E: Just discovered the 'Activity Stream' (Click more under the search bar)

Tis most pleasing! I generally only ever browse the forum through the new content tab, so this is quite a welcome addition for me. 

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I'd like to see boarders around each post or maybe make the grey (behind the username) a bit darker? 

Also, not sure if this is a bug, but when you snap the windows in windows 8.1 and Chrome, you lose the recent contributors info etc. It seems to think when you snap that you are using a mobile browser. I'd imagine the fix would be changing it to read the user agent of the browser perhaps? 

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So far I really like the new look. Is the tagging option with just the @ available? Will do a tour this evening and check it all out in-depth.

Yes, type @ and start typing the username


One thing I've noticed is that everyone has the original usernames back. Abo is called drunkkcunt and P is called Sir Piazza of Detroit. Canto is called Canto8.


I have changed them back, I cannot give piazza such a short name any more though..

If anyone can get in touch with them tell them their usernames are:


You can also login with your email address btw

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