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What TV Show are you watching?

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Vintage abo.

I just watched all five seasons of Game of Thrones in less than a month.

You really should. 👍

On 13/02/2021 at 14:02, Deez Nutz said:

The Man in the high castle is excellent, Rufus Sewell is amazing in it, the first series is a bit slow and filmed in near dark, but then it explodes into a must watch, although the final series could have been down in fewer episodes, but like loads of shows i think they didn't know how to end it.

I read the book years ago. I never really go for these alternative history things but it was not bad. SS-GB was a good read and Bring the Jubilee but I've never seen the TV versions.

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The English Premier League, this latest season  is rather crappy if you ask me, they decided for some reason to sack all the supporter cast (fans) and just have the main cast (the players, managers and referees) the players seems to freak out every time they are supposesd to do something epic 0-0. the managers the less said the better they are just bunch of cowards they don't try to aid their team when they are struggling and the referees jesus wept they decided in the previous season to give them some tool called VAR to do something to improve things or something but nope the refs are bunch of clowns and have made mess of this VAR thing 

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